RNZ podcasts: Parenting life, fermented foods and Minnie Dean

RNZ’s podcast team delves into a vast array of topics – from crime to Covid-19. This week a series looking at the pleasures and pitfalls of parenting is among new additions to the collection.

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from top left, a major earthquake in Christchurch, James Nokise and David Correos, Minnie Dean and some fermented foods.
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All RNZ’s podcasts are available for downloading and the full catalogue can be viewed by clicking here.

Are We There Yet? is intended to help parents navigate the modern world. In the first episode of the latest series, Shaken to the core, reporter Katy Gosset recalls the first Christchurch earthquake a decade on and provides some guidance on helping kids (and their stressed parents) cope with life-threatening events.

Fans of true crime are catered for with the Black Sheep podcasts that probe the controversies and the villains that have helped shape New Zealand’s history. The infamous Minnie Dean (the only woman to receive the death penalty in this country) is the subject of the latest podcast in the series that is hosted by William Ray.

There are events in our lives that either transform us or tear us apart. Only Human examines how people react when they are faced with tragedy or their lives take an unexpected turn. This week’s podcast focuses on a Filipino man who joined a rescue team that responded after a terrorist attack linked to ISIS in his homeland.

TV and radio host Stacey Morrison (Te Arawa, Ngāi Tahu) focuses on food and fitness trends to find out what’s good for us and what’s gobbledygook in Healthy or Hoax. With fermented foods taking up an increasing amount of space in the country’s supermarkets, Morrison gets the lowdown on whether they need to be part of a regular healthy diet.

One of RNZ’s most popular and long-running podcast series is Eating Fried Chicken in the Shower hosted by James Nokise. For this week’s episodes comedian David Correos discusses bad words, bad friends and bad times while psychologist and media commentator Dr Sarb Johal tells Nokise about the dangers of seeking validation.

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Source: RNZ podcasts: Parenting life, fermented foods and Minnie Dean